Living & Working on the Web

My Learning Journey

This module has developed my skills, expanded my knowledge and changed my views of the Internet. To uncover just how far I have come, we must begin by looking back at one of the answers I provided within the self-test... Continue Reading →


Topic 5 – Reflection

When reflecting upon Topic 5 using the work of my peers, I am slightly disappointed with my overall answer to the question provided. I feel that by trying to stand out from others - focusing on the knowledge economy -... Continue Reading →

Free for all, or a fee for all?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”. Although over 200 years old, Benjamin Franklin’s quote appears to be more true today than ever before. Many believe the world is currently amidst a transition to a ‘knowledge economy’, replacing previous... Continue Reading →

Topic 4 – Reflection

With a subject more open to individual interpretation, Topic 4 offered a much wider range of different approaches to the post than the previous weeks. Although this led to some interesting reads, ranging from the digital divide to social media... Continue Reading →

A New(s) Era

Social media: a platform once considered ‘just a bit of fun’ has unforeseeably developed to impact the world in ways we could not have imagined. Even the news, one of the most longstanding industries, has embraced the opportunity to harness... Continue Reading →

Topic 3 – Reflection

In my reflective summary for Topic 1, I commented that after being inspired by Will’s unorthodox approach, I wanted to make sure my future posts were noticed, by being more unique. After the recent media frenzy regarding the US election,... Continue Reading →

Trump the Competition: Make your Professional Online Profile Great Again

If we’ve learnt anything from the election of Trump this week, it’s that no matter how unqualified you are, with an unauthentic yet strategic approach, you can be whoever you want to be. In the professional online world the same... Continue Reading →

Topic 2 – Reflection

  As mentioned in the topic one reflection, I learnt that reading the posts and comments of others was the most useful tool I could utilise going forwards. Therefore, I took more time in writing for topic two, reading through... Continue Reading →

Who are You?

With every action we take online we begin to create a picture of ourselves, whether this is intentional or not. Artist Jonty Hurwitz was able to encapsulate this idea in his piece ‘The Meta Ego’ (displayed below) and provides a... Continue Reading →

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