In my reflective summary for Topic 1, I commented that after being inspired by Will’s unorthodox approach, I wanted to make sure my future posts were noticed, by being more unique. After the recent media frenzy regarding the US election, I saw an opportunity to make this post stand out by attempting to incorporate this current affair into my work. It was certainly effective in increasing the amount of readers, as I received 8 comments on the post, all of which mentioned that the title and image of Donald Trump drew them towards reading it. This creative approach to writing is therefore something I will aim to utilise and develop moving forward.

In hindsight, I have realised that using a large introduction and second paragraph to communicate the importance of having an authentic professional profile, did not allow me to cover as many points that directly related to developing one’s profile. Davina’s comment highlighted the fact that I had not used any specific examples to back up my points. In her own, she used an annotated screen shot of her Linkedin profile, which I thought was highly effective and gave a more personal touch – something I have perhaps been lacking in the past 2 topics.

The video that Will used in his post provided a clear, step-by-step guide to improving one’s LinkedIn profile – supporting the topic well, without denting the word count. After creating my own infographics the past 2 topics, creating my own video to be included in future topics would both support my arguments and further develop my digital skillset.

I still believe interaction with my peers is the most powerful tool for improvement and I am therefore delighted to have been able to enter discussions with so many in this post. However, I must ensure that whilst drawing readers to my post, I do not sacrifice how directly I address the topic in the coming weeks.

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