With a subject more open to individual interpretation, Topic 4 offered a much wider range of different approaches to the post than the previous weeks. Although this led to some interesting reads, ranging from the digital divide to social media in education, it also presented the challenge of being authentic whilst staying within the topical guidelines – something I mentioned I intended to continue from my previous post.

I therefore chose to write about the ethics surrounding user generated content in the news and was pleased to receive two positive comments on the post, that made me question the issues of photo crediting and sensitive content. Claire’s comment even gave me an example of when crediting UGC had led to negative implications for the eyewitness, acting as a counterargument to one of my points and making me consider the overall issue on a deeper level.

One of the posts I commented on, by Hei Lam, began by introducing her topic of a ‘prison in mind’ with a brief historic overview. I found this an interesting approach to the task and is something I will certainly bear in mind for my final posts. Although I did not comment on it, Zach’s post focusing upon the ethics in football discrimination led to a string of conversations – which made me realise incorporating a topic readers are familiar with can increase interaction significantly. Therefore, if the opportunity to implement a familiar theme this in Topic 5 arises, it will be something I will utilise.

After being inspired by Davina’s slideshow in Topic 2 regarding multiple online identities, I was pleased to be able to use a slideshow in this post to represent the arguments ‘for’ UGC and give a more balanced view overall. I did not see an appropriate opportunity to include a video as I mentioned in my previous reflection post, so will be sure to incorporate that within one (or both) of my final pieces of work.

Links to my comments can be found here:

Hei Lam’s here

Claire’s here

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