When reflecting upon Topic 5 using the work of my peers, I am slightly disappointed with my overall answer to the question provided. I feel that by trying to stand out from others – focusing on the knowledge economy – I gave too much of a one sided argument that did not represent enough reasons to why content producers should use paywalls. To aid this, I created the graphic below which includes some arguments that may have improved my own post.


I decided to comment upon Allie’s post as I felt she had carried out her research in depth, giving strong arguments both for and against, utilising self made materials such as the Powtoon and an infographic. I was deliberating whether to include a self-made video in my own post, however I decided that I will challenge myself by including this media in my final reflection – using the increased time to create something (I hope) will impress. What drew me to Harry’s post was the map of the world, which linked nicely to what I had written, and was something I wish I had found myself. Seeing this reminded me of the importance of visualisation, which I used well in topic 2 but have neglected slightly since. Although I did not comment on Will’s, his inclusion of Spotify, gave a sense of familiarity that I mentioned in my last reflective post, but unfortunately I was not able to find a way to link something similar into my own post.

When looking through the archive at last year’s blogs, I noticed an inclusion of an interview a student carried out around open access that provided a personal touch to their work. This is something else I will aim to utilise in my final reflection as I feel some primary information, rather than purely secondary taken from the internet, would give my post more substance and increase engagement.

Links to my comments can be found below:

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