During my time working for local cancer charity Wessex Cancer Trust, I was tasked with creating a fun-themed campaign to boost brand awareness and engagement with the local community.

The campaign ‘Make our Mascot’ was aimed at local children and parents. Using an participation form children were tasked with designing the mascot as well as choosing it’s name – with the winning mascot being created for real; to be used at numerous charity events in the future as a key brand feature.

Over 200 applicants entered, sourced from local schools and community centres as well as using a pop-up stand in West Quay shopping centre (featured in the slideshow). After a shortlist was chosen, local people were asked to vote for the winner using a Facebook poll. The number of voters far exceeded typical reach with around 1000 taking part; over 25% of the total following following!

The winning design was Wolly the Lion, created by 11 year old Emily. Once the creation was complete Wolly met his designer and has since been appearing at numerous fundraising events ever since.

Campaign Examples

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Video content was also created with to introduce Wolly, which can be found using this link. This became the highest viewed video the trust had released and helped to further engage supporters across a number of media channels.