This module has developed my skills, expanded my knowledge and changed my views of the Internet. To uncover just how far I have come, we must begin by looking back at one of the answers I provided within the self-test document.

What in particular do you want to learn from the module?

“I am entering with an open mind in regards to what I will learn. I feel the ability to write and maintain a blog will be invaluable, as well as the skills to create a range of online materials. I would also be interested in learning the ways in which I can use the Internet to boost my chances of employment after graduation”

For further context, I produced the following infographic – to communicate why I believe the Internet to be so important, and how I feel the module will enable me to reap the rewards it has to offer.


The development of my professional online profile

With the aforementioned goals in place, my professional online profile is the most effective tool I have available to aid me in achieving them. Topic 3 made me consider the different components of my professional online profile as well as its overall strength. As a result, I am now beginning to pay closer attention to each element, creating a brand across all platforms – following the advice of Michael Weiss.

The Vlog below explores my professional profile in more depth, detailing the advancements I have made so far, and what my plans are in the future.

So, have there been any results so far? I am delighted to say I have already received an offer for work experience via direct message on Linkedin.


Furthermore, I took examples of my blog and Linkedin profile to a recent placement year interview and was offered the job! Although this may not be the only reason, their feedback indicated that my professional online presence impressed them.

What I have learnt about living & working online, and how I will take this into the future

An improved professional online profile is not the only thing I have taken from this module. The slideshow below incorporates the self-test that I carried out – detailing numerous other advancements I have made so far.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It is evident that my skills and knowledge have improved in every area. In addition to helping me achieve my original goals, I am now safer, more aware and confident in carrying out online tasks than ever before. This timeline highlights some of the key events that developed my learning.


What does the future hold?

I intend to carry on my learning by participating in more online discussions on Twitter and Linkedin, watching TED talks and attending university speeches regarding the internet and related technologies. Blogging is something I find extremely satisfying, as it showcases creative writing, the incorporation of media and connecting with other like-minded people. Therefore, I have decided to take what I have learnt from UOSM2033 and will be creating a new blog focused around lifestyle later this year.

I would like to thank Lisa, Sarah and Nic for delivering UOSM2033, as well as my peers for their inspiring work that I have greatly enjoyed reading throughout. It has undoubtedly been my favourite learning experience since starting university, and I hope that more education will take this form in the future.

My online profiles can be found here:





Word count: 549


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